What Is That?

4.33@Tech is a podcast about the sounds that define Georgia Tech and its communities. Produced by the Writing and Communication Program and the Price Gilbert Memorial Library4.33@Tech is a collaboration between the Brittain postdoctoral fellows, Multimedia Instructional Librarian Alison Valk, and a team of Georgia Tech undergraduates.

Current Episode : #justanotherday

The inspiration for 4.33@Tech was the final project Lauren Neefe assigned the students in her fall 2014 English 1101 classes, “Hear! Hear! Composition by Ear.” The special topic was sound: listening to what’s around you, the rhetoric of sound, how to use sound and listening to develop ideas and arguments. Together Alison and Lauren conceived a final project that required the students, in groups, to create a six-minute podcast about the sounds at Georgia Tech that reminded them of sounds specific to their hometowns. Alison introduced the students to open-source technologies and acted as a valuable resource as they developed their audio concepts. Lauren guided the groups in devising unique vernaculars for their segments. The spectacular results inspired this campus-wide variation on their “Georgia Tech Sounds” assignment.

Pilot Episode : Drone

Special Thanks
Collin Ankerson (original theme) / Yongmin Kim (logo design) / Charlie Bennett (Georgia Tech Library; WREK Atlanta) / Andy Frazee (Writing and Communication) / Rebecca Burnett (Writing and Communication)