Pilot: Drone


Dr. Leavey and the 4.33 crew check the Urban Honey Bee Project’s swarm hive on the Clough rooftop in April 2015.

In the inaugural episode of 4.33@Tech, show creators Lauren and Alison track down the source of the droning sound they heard on the roof of Clough in March 2015. Then they roped in the rest of the 4.33 crew and found their way to the busiest corner of the CULC. It was buzzing.

Find out more about Dr. Jennifer Leavey’s adventures with the Urban Honey Bee Project and go on a hive check yourself. “The BeeCam is live!”

Find out more about Georgia Tech’s Unmanned and Autonomous Systems Group and start teaching your drone to swarm. “Problem. Solved.”

Find Jerod Ray and Tech’s other drone flyers by listening for the buzz on the Clough rooftop just about any day of the week. “What is that?”

Special Thanks
Collin Ankerson (original theme) / Chris Moore (Georgia Tech College of Music, Sounds of Atlanta) / Yongmin Kim (logo design) / Charlie Bennett (Georgia Tech Library; WREK Atlanta) / Jennifer Kimball (Office of the Arts) / Kirk Englehardt (Institute Communications) / Andy Frazee (Writing and Communication) / Rebecca Burnett (Writing and Communication)

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