Production Studio

Episode 2: #justanotherday

On September 30, 2015, Radiolab host and creator Jad Abumrad called into the WREK Atlanta studios to talk with Lauren and Prachi about sound, storytelling, Radiolab’s podcasting destiny, and the sound a tuba makes when it hits the pavement. It might have been “one of those days” for Abumrad. It was anything but routine for the 4.33 crew. Special Thanks Taylor Burdette […]
Photo: Alison Valk

Pilot: Drone

In the inaugural episode of 4.33@Tech, show creators Lauren and Alison track down the source of the droning sound they heard on the roof of Clough in March 2015. Then they roped in the rest of the 4.33 crew and found their way to the busiest corner of the CULC. It was buzzing. Find out […]

What Is That?

4.33@Tech is a podcast about the sounds that define Georgia Tech and its communities. Produced by the Writing and Communication Program and the Price Gilbert Memorial Library, 4.33@Tech is a collaboration between the Brittain postdoctoral fellows, Multimedia Instructional Librarian Alison Valk, and a team of Georgia Tech undergraduates. Pilot Episode : Drone The inspiration for 4.33@Tech was the final project Lauren Neefe […]